Retail Store Manager Kaslik

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13 Sep 2022
Full time

A Retail Store Manager is responsible for managing a retail store, which includes overseeing sales, staff and inventory. Retail Store Managers have the following duties and responsibilities: 

·        Supervise, train and assist employees like Sales Representatives and Retail Store Clerks in customer service, store maintenance and product promotions.

·        Develop and maintain a schedule for employees and promotions centered on holiday sales and other cycles.

·        Seek ways to better promote the store, the product line and service within the store.

·        Maintain proper inventory levels, ensure stocking, implement purchasing plans and maintain contact with suppliers to ensure maximum efficiency in meeting sales goals.

·        Implement cross-training of employees and Assistant Managers to maintain productivity at all times.

·        Manage all controllable costs with a view to maintaining profitability.

·        Ensure the store remains clean and presentable at all times.

·        Hire and train as needed to ensure adequate personnel is on hand to provide outstanding customer service.


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