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Pet Multifunctional Water Bottle

Pet Multifunctional Water Bottle

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Features : 

  • The pet water bottle is designed with three parts
  • The front part is a wide water bowl for your pets to drink water comfortably
  • The middle part is designed to contain 10oz/300mL of water and the bottom is to store waste bags (comes with a roll of 15 pink plastic bags)
  • A small litter scoop is fixed around the bottle. Just pull out a bag from the bottom to cover the scoop and then use it to pick up dog poops when walking your dogs.
  • Perfect for Walks A drinking bottle
  • Water bowl and waste bag container in one with a litter scoop
  • Perfect for walking, hiking, camping, bike riding, travelling and going to dog park to help keep your dogs hydrated.
  • Easy to Use This portable pet bottle has a push button giving you exact control of water, quite easy to use
  • Just push back to release water and push forward to stop water
  • Unfinished water can be poured into the bottle.
  • Portable & Lightweight Made of environmentally friendly ABS and PC
  • The dog water bottle is safe and healthy for your pets to use
  • Comes with a cord that can be easily carried around on your wrist or tied to a dog's leash.
  • 100% Leakproof A screw cap with a silicone gasket tightly seals the bottle to prevent liquid leakage.
  • Color  :  Turquoise  
  • Imported 

**Box might be damaged but the product is new

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